Basement Waterproofing Strategies

Basement Waterproofing Strategies

There are a lot of health benefits of waterproofing your basement. Of course, number one is the wellness of your family. Your basement plays a big role in your home and keeping it dry and safe brings protection to your family members, especially the kids.

Another thing is that it keeps your pockets healthy. With a dry basement, you will never have to worry about repair costs again. You will spend less on maintenance when your walls and foundation are waterproof.

Indeed, benefits are overflowing when you start waterproofing your basement. For those who are wondering how it is done, here are some major strategies on how companies do the waterproofing.

1) Installing foundation drains

Your basement foundation is just as important as your basement walls. It should be free from moisture and water leaks all the time.

As a homeowner, this is one of the things you should observe because once you neglect it, you will pay a lot for its repair, To keep your foundation dry and free from moisture, the best strategy is to install foundation drains.

Foundation drains are permanent and it can bring benefits to you in the long term. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your foundation drains can help you survive the wet season.

So, what does a foundation drain can do to your basement? First off, a foundation drain serves as a pathway whenever water reaches your foundation. It’s a good tool that will help you keep your basement dry whatever season it is.

Because it is difficult to tell where the water comes from when there are no cracks, a foundation drain can prevent your basement from getting swamped.

2) Installing french drains

French drains are common solutions for those who are looking to waterproof their basement. Sometimes, french drains are called perimeter drain, drain tile, weeping tile, or sub-surface drain.

This type of drain contains a perforated pipe that prevents groundwater and surface water from getting to your basement. It’s a preventive solution so that water will not reach your foundation in the first place.

3) Repairing cracks in basement foundation walls.

Repairing cracks in basement foundation walls is another solution to waterproof your basement. As time passes by, cracks in your basement become natural consequences.

There are no other ways to prevent water from leaking to your basement but to repair the cracks. Whether they are natural consequences of time or the results of any event, a great solution to fix them is to repair them.

Usually, waterproofing companies, like Disaster Restoration Pros use waterproof sealants to seal the cracks. These sealants prevent water from coming in again. So, when choosing a company to repair your basement foundation walls, make sure to inquire about the type of sealants they use. Low-quality sealants might not fix the cracks. You need something with high quality so that you will not spend repeatedly on the same issue.

These strategies are effective so far. Most homeowners who avail of these types of services are now enjoying their basements free from any water and moisture issues.…

5 Best Foods to try in little ‘ol Ohio

When traveling, food is always a necessity. It keeps us going to get through the day, while some really are just delicacies we can’t afford to pass up. So while you’re in Ohio, you might find some difficulty choosing what to eat. Well, this article will show the 5 Best Food to try while staying little ‘ol Ohio


To start our list off, why not indulge yourselves with some tasty appetizers such as the Pierogis. This dish is filled with potato, some cheese and hot, dripping butter. And if that isn’t mouthwatering then I don’t know what is anymore. To get the best of Pierogis, you might want to visit Sokolowski;s University Inn in Cleveland. This is to get the best tasting Pierogis as close to you as much as possible. 

Smoked Salmon and Eggs

If you’ve been wanting to eat a hearty breakfast then look no further than your friendly neighborhood Cafe, Blue Door Café & Bakery at Cuyahoga Falls. They serve some of the best salmon with eggs in this side of the MIdwest. This is because of the organic ingredients that they use in order to bring you the best tasting Salmon with Eggs your tastebuds will ever experience. 


Now for some main course meals, and what better is there than steak. But of course, we’ll offer you only the best you can find nearby and that is at Mancy’s, Toledo. Who doesn’t love steak? Especially when they’re seared at over 1,500 degrees and served with a pound of creamy potatoes. With this, you’ll have you belly full in no time. 

Homemade Root Beer

But we can’t have a proper meal without the proper drink now can we? And what better way to help the food digest than good ‘ol root beer. If you want to have the best in town, then you should definitely visit the Root Beer Stand in Sharonville. The people there create the same root beer as it has been ever since 1957, and has it ever been so tasteful since. 

Homemade Ice Cream 

Is there anything better than finishing your meals off with some ice cream? I didn’t think so. So when you find yourself having that craving for something cold and refreshing but also have that sweet tooth, then Mitchelle’s Homemade Ice Cream is the best place for you to crash that sugar rush. With their desserts crafted from local ingredients, and having a variety of flavours for you to choose from, you’ll always feel at home and will find it impossible to not wanting to have more. 

The Best of the Midwest: 4 Must-See Places in the Midwest

Gateway Arch in St Louis

windmills in the midwest

What better way to start your tour of the Midwest, than to have a proper greeting and entrance. And there is no better landmark to greet you than the Gateway Arch in St Louis. This enormous piece of architecture is a sight to behold, as this signifies America’s great expansion to the west.

And if you’re more interested in its’ history, you can catch its newly expanded underground museum to definitely feel more immersed in the rich culture that this great landmark has to offer.

Aside from being a great place to visit. St Louis is also an excellent place to start a business. With a low cost of living, and many great businesses, St. Louis is a great place to call home and work.

And now that you’ve had a proper entrance to the Midwest, it’s time to head on to somewhere a bit more cozy. In that case you should head over to the Midwests’ own Great Lakes Bay Region. From the name itself, this place has all that you need to get that outdoors and fresh air feeling.

And with the amazing outdoors right in front of you, you’ll have numerous things to enjoy and experience. Such as the BaySail – Autumn Color Tour River Cruises. It’s a cruise that would take you upriver and on an amazing tall ship schooner.

Not feeling the cruise? Then there’s more to this place than boat rides along the river. Why not go for a bit of an adventure through the Frankenmuth Aerial Park, and be immersed in one of the most fun and lively activities to date in the Midwest. With interests like rope climbing, ziplining and even just casual walks for those who just want to enjoy nature.

Truly, the Midwest has so much to offer, and yet it still has so much more. Once you’re done adventuring the forests, how about some nice seats to watch over the Milwaukee Bucks’ basketball game? Or maybe you would want to appreciate some great art around the Milwaukee Art Museum? Or just appreciate some of the wildlife this world has to offer in the Milwaukee County Zoo? In Milwaukee you’ll have a number of things to do, which is why it’s the third in this list.

St. Paul, Minneapolis

And finally, the last place you should definitely visit in the Midwest, is none other than St. Paul, Minneapolis. This is saving the best for last, because as most of you may know St Paul because of a rather huge sporting event, A.K.A the Superwbowl. But there’s more to this city than just that.

Minnehaha Park

You feel like taking a break from work and just listen to the sounds of water crashing? You can visit the Minnehaha Park to soothe your nerves. Maybe you just want to go shopping, treat yourself and such. Well, St Paul has a huge shopping complex with a theme park called the Mall of America. Or sometimes you just want a change of scenery, pace and setting. Well, St. Paul has that too, and it’s a minor basilica found on its very own city block along Hennepin Avenue, and it’s called The Basilica of Saint Mary.

With so many sites and wonders to see in the Midwest, it’s hard to choose which one to start going to. So, hopefully this article will help you enjoy your stay to the fullest! 

4 Ways to Forget Work And Better Enjoy Your Vacation

free from work duties

People work so hard these days that it can be hard to leave work behind, even when they are supposed to be enjoying their vacation. One thing that makes it so hard for many to disconnect is the access they have to their work due to their mobile devices. With a simple click they can read work emails, connect to clients via Skype, or join in on a real-time streaming business related conference.

Not only do people tend to have issues staying away from work due to the easy access, but employers can also be more demanding when it comes to what they expect from their employees, even asking them to tend to work issues while they are off the clock. For these reasons, if you are on vacation you want to take steps to forget work and truly enjoy your vacation the way it should be enjoyed. Here are 4 tips you should follow:

1: Leave your mobile devices behind

When you are on vacation, you want to leave your mobile devices in the hotel room. If you want to bring your cell phone with you in case of an emergency, then turn it off and carry it with you. This way, you’ll have it if you need it, but you won’t be tempted by phone calls or text messages coming in.

2: Don’t let the boss know where you’re going

If you have a demanding boss you fear will hunt you down at your hotel, then don’t tell them where you will be. You might feel comfortable enough to tell them ahead of time that no one knows where you’ll be so you can enjoy your vacation. If you don’t feel you can be that honest with your boss, then you can let the hotel know to hold all calls to the room. If your family needs to reach you then they can text you and you can check your texts when you’re back in the room, or they can call the phone of the person you are vacationing with.

3: Don’t visit places that remind you of work

If you visit places that are going to remind you of work, then you might get caught up in thinking about all the tasks you have ahead of you once you return to work. So, if you work at an amusement park, then don’t visit one on vacation. If you work at an art gallery, then don’t visit art galleries.

4: Don’t engage in ‘shop talk’

If you are vacationing with someone you work with, make an agreement not to talk about work. While this may be difficult, you want to remember that you are on vacation and it’s a limited amount of time you have to relax and not think about work. If work gets brought up, brush it off and remind them that ‘shop talk’ is not allowed for the duration of the trip and the two of you can talk about work when the vacation is over. 

6 Tourist Activities that are Worth Checking out on your Next Family Vacation

Who said taking some time off to visit new places in the United States is wrong? Everyone deserves a unique, awe-inspiring experience away from their busy life. You better get yourself ready for that family vacation in the upcoming travel season. Traveling to new cities can be challenging especially when you have to deal with crowds and fight your way through traffic. Most people prefer skipping the obvious tourist traps and try to find more exciting things that seem to be off the beaten path. It’s, however, important that you reconsider the following ‘touristy’ activities as they can still be fun and exciting on your next vacation. 

Be Part of a Sporting Event

Whether you’re on a work trip or family vacation in a new city, going out to see a baseball game, basketball game, football game or any other sporting event is a great idea. You don’t have to be much of a sports fan to enjoy a local game. You’ll still have a great time even if you’re not rooting for any of the teams. Live sporting events provide a great opportunity for you to mingle and interact with the locals while getting a taste of a regional snack. Also remember some stadiums and sports centers are landmarks in their own right. 

Ascend the City’s Tallest Building

If you’ve been traveling long enough, you know many cities across the United States feature awe-inspiring architecture and landmark buildings. Some of these landmark buildings allow visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the city from hundreds of feet about the ground. It feels almost the same as taking a helicopter tour across the city. This is one of those experiences you won’t soon forget. So don’t be afraid to spend a 30 minutes or an hour observing the city’s skyline. 

Go Hiking

Getting lost in nature is a great way to not only explore wildlife and the city’s rich history but also burn off some of the calories you’re putting on with those extravagant vacation meals. There’s no way you’re going to avoid trekking through the landmarks and national parks in your vacation destination. Hike through ruins for a more adventurous experience. 

Visit a Local Museum

Museums provide both locals and visitors with an opportunity to learn more about a city’s history, art, and culture. If you’re on a family vacation, your kids appreciate the learning experience from the city’s museums. You should, therefore, make a point of strolling through a couple of museums before leaving the city. 

Take a Bus Tour

You won’t find bus tours in all the cities or rather destinations you travel to around the world. However, this can be as simple as getting on one of those double-decker buses traveling across the city. Of course, everyone will know you’re not from around the city since that’s all that the bus is communicating. Bus tours are a quick, exciting, and low-effort way to explore the entire city. They provide you with an initial view of what the city looks like before you can delve deeper later. 

Some people don’t just like bus tours and would prefer a boat tour instead. Well, don’t shy away. You’re here for vacation, aren’t you? 

3 Most Relaxing Spas/Resorts in Minnesota

After a long day of traveling, exploring, eating, and just walking around, we all need a break. And sometimes that means having our physical well being restored, so what better way for that to happen than going to a Spa Resort to soothe your body. 

But with so many options around town, which do I choose? To help you with that choice, this article will show you the 3 Most Relaxing Spas in Minnesota to give you that relaxing sensation you’re looking for. 

Caribou Highlands Lodge 

Amidst the Lutsen Mountains in Minnesota, there lies a lodge named “Caribou Highlands Lodge” And this resort has come to be known as the Midwest’s largest Ski Destination because of how it is placed in the largest mountain in the Midwest. And with such a wondrous location, the view is even better. Because while you’re at the resort, you’ll be able to enjoy the ever so amazing horizon of Lake Superior, while skiing even 

But there’s more to this resort than a breathtaking view because the Lodge also has a variety of amenities for everyone to enjoy, including the main topic of this article. Some of these amenities include, skiing, a gym, a pool and a hot tub, family friendly activities, and of course a spa. So if you’re looking for a massage, why not have on beside the largest mountain in the Midwest, right? 

Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center

But maybe you’d prefer to stay in a warmer and closer to home feeling resort. Well, Arrowwood Resort has got you covered on that one. This resort is located in the Great Lakes region, which makes it a great spot because of the variety of things you can do even outside the resort itself. And with a nice view of the rolling hills of Brooks National Golf Club, you are sure to have a relaxing stay. 

Along with being able to play golf outside, there are a number of other activities you can partake in. These include visiting the beach, swimming in their pools, playing tennis and of course, enjoying the spa. So if you’re in Alexandria, and you’re looking for a sweet place to stay and relax, then Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center is for you. 

Grand Ely Lodge 

Finally, how about a resort that has more wildlife and can feel like you’re in your own backyard. The Grand Ely Lodge is found on the shores of the gorgeous Shagawa Lake, which means you would be surrounded by tons of nature and wildlife. The resorts’ location provides a relaxing experience being able to connect with the environment. 

And since this resort is found in the woods, many of those who want to satisfy their adventurous side can go on hikes, kayaking and even fishing in the lake itself. But if you really just want to relax then pacing around the lake is enough with the cool breeze blowing through you. And of course once you do go inside the resort, a ton of amenities are given to  you such as a gym, swimming pools, business centers, and of course the spa. 
So, if you really want to just lay down, chill, and enjoy nature, or even be a bit outdoorsy, then the Grand Ely Lodge is the best place for you …