Basement Waterproofing Strategies

Basement Waterproofing Strategies

There are a lot of health benefits of waterproofing your basement. Of course, number one is the wellness of your family. Your basement plays a big role in your home and keeping it dry and safe brings protection to your family members, especially the kids.

Another thing is that it keeps your pockets healthy. With a dry basement, you will never have to worry about repair costs again. You will spend less on maintenance when your walls and foundation are waterproof.

Indeed, benefits are overflowing when you start waterproofing your basement. For those who are wondering how it is done, here are some major strategies on how companies do the waterproofing.

1) Installing foundation drains

Your basement foundation is just as important as your basement walls. It should be free from moisture and water leaks all the time.

As a homeowner, this is one of the things you should observe because once you neglect it, you will pay a lot for its repair, To keep your foundation dry and free from moisture, the best strategy is to install foundation drains.

Foundation drains are permanent and it can bring benefits to you in the long term. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your foundation drains can help you survive the wet season.

So, what does a foundation drain can do to your basement? First off, a foundation drain serves as a pathway whenever water reaches your foundation. It’s a good tool that will help you keep your basement dry whatever season it is.

Because it is difficult to tell where the water comes from when there are no cracks, a foundation drain can prevent your basement from getting swamped.

2) Installing french drains

French drains are common solutions for those who are looking to waterproof their basement. Sometimes, french drains are called perimeter drain, drain tile, weeping tile, or sub-surface drain.

This type of drain contains a perforated pipe that prevents groundwater and surface water from getting to your basement. It’s a preventive solution so that water will not reach your foundation in the first place.

3) Repairing cracks in basement foundation walls.

Repairing cracks in basement foundation walls is another solution to waterproof your basement. As time passes by, cracks in your basement become natural consequences.

There are no other ways to prevent water from leaking to your basement but to repair the cracks. Whether they are natural consequences of time or the results of any event, a great solution to fix them is to repair them.

Usually, waterproofing companies, like Disaster Restoration Pros use waterproof sealants to seal the cracks. These sealants prevent water from coming in again. So, when choosing a company to repair your basement foundation walls, make sure to inquire about the type of sealants they use. Low-quality sealants might not fix the cracks. You need something with high quality so that you will not spend repeatedly on the same issue.

These strategies are effective so far. Most homeowners who avail of these types of services are now enjoying their basements free from any water and moisture issues.…

3 Most Relaxing Spas/Resorts in Minnesota

After a long day of traveling, exploring, eating, and just walking around, we all need a break. And sometimes that means having our physical well being restored, so what better way for that to happen than going to a Spa Resort to soothe your body. 

But with so many options around town, which do I choose? To help you with that choice, this article will show you the 3 Most Relaxing Spas in Minnesota to give you that relaxing sensation you’re looking for. 

Caribou Highlands Lodge 

Amidst the Lutsen Mountains in Minnesota, there lies a lodge named “Caribou Highlands Lodge” And this resort has come to be known as the Midwest’s largest Ski Destination because of how it is placed in the largest mountain in the Midwest. And with such a wondrous location, the view is even better. Because while you’re at the resort, you’ll be able to enjoy the ever so amazing horizon of Lake Superior, while skiing even 

But there’s more to this resort than a breathtaking view because the Lodge also has a variety of amenities for everyone to enjoy, including the main topic of this article. Some of these amenities include, skiing, a gym, a pool and a hot tub, family friendly activities, and of course a spa. So if you’re looking for a massage, why not have on beside the largest mountain in the Midwest, right? 

Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center

But maybe you’d prefer to stay in a warmer and closer to home feeling resort. Well, Arrowwood Resort has got you covered on that one. This resort is located in the Great Lakes region, which makes it a great spot because of the variety of things you can do even outside the resort itself. And with a nice view of the rolling hills of Brooks National Golf Club, you are sure to have a relaxing stay. 

Along with being able to play golf outside, there are a number of other activities you can partake in. These include visiting the beach, swimming in their pools, playing tennis and of course, enjoying the spa. So if you’re in Alexandria, and you’re looking for a sweet place to stay and relax, then Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center is for you. 

Grand Ely Lodge 

Finally, how about a resort that has more wildlife and can feel like you’re in your own backyard. The Grand Ely Lodge is found on the shores of the gorgeous Shagawa Lake, which means you would be surrounded by tons of nature and wildlife. The resorts’ location provides a relaxing experience being able to connect with the environment. 

And since this resort is found in the woods, many of those who want to satisfy their adventurous side can go on hikes, kayaking and even fishing in the lake itself. But if you really just want to relax then pacing around the lake is enough with the cool breeze blowing through you. And of course once you do go inside the resort, a ton of amenities are given to  you such as a gym, swimming pools, business centers, and of course the spa. 
So, if you really want to just lay down, chill, and enjoy nature, or even be a bit outdoorsy, then the Grand Ely Lodge is the best place for you …