4 Ways to Forget Work And Better Enjoy Your Vacation

free from work duties

People work so hard these days that it can be hard to leave work behind, even when they are supposed to be enjoying their vacation. One thing that makes it so hard for many to disconnect is the access they have to their work due to their mobile devices. With a simple click they can read work emails, connect to clients via Skype, or join in on a real-time streaming business related conference.

Not only do people tend to have issues staying away from work due to the easy access, but employers can also be more demanding when it comes to what they expect from their employees, even asking them to tend to work issues while they are off the clock. For these reasons, if you are on vacation you want to take steps to forget work and truly enjoy your vacation the way it should be enjoyed. Here are 4 tips you should follow:

1: Leave your mobile devices behind

When you are on vacation, you want to leave your mobile devices in the hotel room. If you want to bring your cell phone with you in case of an emergency, then turn it off and carry it with you. This way, you’ll have it if you need it, but you won’t be tempted by phone calls or text messages coming in.

2: Don’t let the boss know where you’re going

If you have a demanding boss you fear will hunt you down at your hotel, then don’t tell them where you will be. You might feel comfortable enough to tell them ahead of time that no one knows where you’ll be so you can enjoy your vacation. If you don’t feel you can be that honest with your boss, then you can let the hotel know to hold all calls to the room. If your family needs to reach you then they can text you and you can check your texts when you’re back in the room, or they can call the phone of the person you are vacationing with.

3: Don’t visit places that remind you of work

If you visit places that are going to remind you of work, then you might get caught up in thinking about all the tasks you have ahead of you once you return to work. So, if you work at an amusement park, then don’t visit one on vacation. If you work at an art gallery, then don’t visit art galleries.

4: Don’t engage in ‘shop talk’

If you are vacationing with someone you work with, make an agreement not to talk about work. While this may be difficult, you want to remember that you are on vacation and it’s a limited amount of time you have to relax and not think about work. If work gets brought up, brush it off and remind them that ‘shop talk’ is not allowed for the duration of the trip and the two of you can talk about work when the vacation is over. 

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