6 Tourist Activities that are Worth Checking out on your Next Family Vacation

Who said taking some time off to visit new places in the United States is wrong? Everyone deserves a unique, awe-inspiring experience away from their busy life. You better get yourself ready for that family vacation in the upcoming travel season. Traveling to new cities can be challenging especially when you have to deal with crowds and fight your way through traffic. Most people prefer skipping the obvious tourist traps and try to find more exciting things that seem to be off the beaten path. It’s, however, important that you reconsider the following ‘touristy’ activities as they can still be fun and exciting on your next vacation. 

Be Part of a Sporting Event

Whether you’re on a work trip or family vacation in a new city, going out to see a baseball game, basketball game, football game or any other sporting event is a great idea. You don’t have to be much of a sports fan to enjoy a local game. You’ll still have a great time even if you’re not rooting for any of the teams. Live sporting events provide a great opportunity for you to mingle and interact with the locals while getting a taste of a regional snack. Also remember some stadiums and sports centers are landmarks in their own right. 

Ascend the City’s Tallest Building

If you’ve been traveling long enough, you know many cities across the United States feature awe-inspiring architecture and landmark buildings. Some of these landmark buildings allow visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the city from hundreds of feet about the ground. It feels almost the same as taking a helicopter tour across the city. This is one of those experiences you won’t soon forget. So don’t be afraid to spend a 30 minutes or an hour observing the city’s skyline. 

Go Hiking

Getting lost in nature is a great way to not only explore wildlife and the city’s rich history but also burn off some of the calories you’re putting on with those extravagant vacation meals. There’s no way you’re going to avoid trekking through the landmarks and national parks in your vacation destination. Hike through ruins for a more adventurous experience. 

Visit a Local Museum

Museums provide both locals and visitors with an opportunity to learn more about a city’s history, art, and culture. If you’re on a family vacation, your kids appreciate the learning experience from the city’s museums. You should, therefore, make a point of strolling through a couple of museums before leaving the city. 

Take a Bus Tour

You won’t find bus tours in all the cities or rather destinations you travel to around the world. However, this can be as simple as getting on one of those double-decker buses traveling across the city. Of course, everyone will know you’re not from around the city since that’s all that the bus is communicating. Bus tours are a quick, exciting, and low-effort way to explore the entire city. They provide you with an initial view of what the city looks like before you can delve deeper later. 

Some people don’t just like bus tours and would prefer a boat tour instead. Well, don’t shy away. You’re here for vacation, aren’t you? 

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