The Best of the Midwest: 4 Must-See Places in the Midwest

Gateway Arch in St Louis

windmills in the midwest

What better way to start your tour of the Midwest, than to have a proper greeting and entrance. And there is no better landmark to greet you than the Gateway Arch in St Louis. This enormous piece of architecture is a sight to behold, as this signifies America’s great expansion to the west.

And if you’re more interested in its’ history, you can catch its newly expanded underground museum to definitely feel more immersed in the rich culture that this great landmark has to offer.

Aside from being a great place to visit. St Louis is also an excellent place to start a business. With a low cost of living, and many great businesses, St. Louis is a great place to call home and work.

And now that you’ve had a proper entrance to the Midwest, it’s time to head on to somewhere a bit more cozy. In that case you should head over to the Midwests’ own Great Lakes Bay Region. From the name itself, this place has all that you need to get that outdoors and fresh air feeling.

And with the amazing outdoors right in front of you, you’ll have numerous things to enjoy and experience. Such as the BaySail – Autumn Color Tour River Cruises. It’s a cruise that would take you upriver and on an amazing tall ship schooner.

Not feeling the cruise? Then there’s more to this place than boat rides along the river. Why not go for a bit of an adventure through the Frankenmuth Aerial Park, and be immersed in one of the most fun and lively activities to date in the Midwest. With interests like rope climbing, ziplining and even just casual walks for those who just want to enjoy nature.

Truly, the Midwest has so much to offer, and yet it still has so much more. Once you’re done adventuring the forests, how about some nice seats to watch over the Milwaukee Bucks’ basketball game? Or maybe you would want to appreciate some great art around the Milwaukee Art Museum? Or just appreciate some of the wildlife this world has to offer in the Milwaukee County Zoo? In Milwaukee you’ll have a number of things to do, which is why it’s the third in this list.

St. Paul, Minneapolis

And finally, the last place you should definitely visit in the Midwest, is none other than St. Paul, Minneapolis. This is saving the best for last, because as most of you may know St Paul because of a rather huge sporting event, A.K.A the Superwbowl. But there’s more to this city than just that.

Minnehaha Park

You feel like taking a break from work and just listen to the sounds of water crashing? You can visit the Minnehaha Park to soothe your nerves. Maybe you just want to go shopping, treat yourself and such. Well, St Paul has a huge shopping complex with a theme park called the Mall of America. Or sometimes you just want a change of scenery, pace and setting. Well, St. Paul has that too, and it’s a minor basilica found on its very own city block along Hennepin Avenue, and it’s called The Basilica of Saint Mary.

With so many sites and wonders to see in the Midwest, it’s hard to choose which one to start going to. So, hopefully this article will help you enjoy your stay to the fullest! 

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